Yes, you’ve read that right. I’ve decided to post all of the major fight scenes from Ip Man 2. Obviously, I cannot stress how spoiler-heavy this is. Watch at your own risk!  Now, even though the fights are here for your viewing pleasure, please purchase the film when it becomes available. This is strictly for us unlucky folks who don’t get the privilege of watching the movie on the big screen.

Some think that watching the movie early ruins the experience, but I’m not like that. I’m a junkie and anything I can get my hands on will only suppress the anxiousness to get my hands on it. Make no mistake, I am buying this on Blu-ray as soon as it becomes available and I suggest you do the same. We don’t have anyone to blame if we don’t support the films we love. The more we show interest, the faster they will become available. Okay, enough of my ranting, onward with the clips!

Scene 1: This is when Ip meets his first potential student, Wong Leung. It’s pretty self-explanatory after that.

Ip Man Fight 1

Scene 2: Wong Leung is putting up flyers for Ip’s school when he is confronted by Cheng Wai-kei and others, who are students of a different school, run by Master Hung.

Ip Man 2 Fight 2

Scene 3: Ip arrives to rescue Wong Leung, at which time he is ambushed by a large number of students.

Ip Man 2 Fight 3

Scene 4: Unable to earn the respect of the masters of the surrounding area, Ip agrees to a challenge in which he must defeat 3 masters before the incense stick burns out.

Ip Man 2 Fight 4

Scene 5 (Heavy Spoilers): Master Hung, upset by Twister’s rude actions toward the Chinese, takes on the boxer in order to get an apology from him.

Ip Man 2 Fight 5

Scene 6 (End Fight): Ip takes on Twister for a final showdown in order to uphold Chinese honor and pride.

Ip Man 2 Fight 6

There you have it. Now start saving money so that you can buy it when it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray. You know you want it.

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