It’s pretty rare to have a say in if a movie will be created, but that’s exactly the power we have with Undisputed 4. Scott Adkins is trying to show producers that there is an audience for an Undisputed 4, and that’s where we come in. Adkins has created a facebook page for this purpose.

The facebook page is here. Simply log in on facebook and hit the like button. Not only will you have contributed to one of the better new action stars out there, you’ll actually be able to say what you want the movie to be about. Adkins is asking visitors what they would like to see, so be sure to put your two cents out there!

Be sure to force all of your friends to like the page so that we can see where Adkins can take the Boyka character next. Of course, if you don’t like the films, tell them what you want different. Maybe they’ll take your criticisms to consideration.

For those who have not seen what Undisputed is about or what Adkins is capable of, check out this fan-made video for Undisputed 2 and 3. I do not own the rights to the video or have a hand in creating it, but I think it does a great job of showing Adkins’ skill and talent.

Undisputed Fan Video

What I like about it is that even though there is slow motion, the angles do not change. This means that a lot of these are one shot, and some of these moves are very skilled. Easily one of the most overlooked action movies of this year.

kmiller the author

KMiller is the founder of Martial Arts Movie Junkie. He enjoys all aspects of the genre and loves discovering new projects and supporting those that share the same passion he does. You can contact him at for any questions or requests.

  • too bad I never watched any of the previous movies.

    yo are the movies good?

    • kmiller

      From an action standpoint, yes they are very good. You can skip the 1st one if you want, it’s the only one that has Wesley Snipes and Ving Rhames in it. Although there is one returning character, you’ll be absolutely fine watching just 2 and 3. Those have Adkins in them as well as a new director and choreographer.

      What I like about the movies is how long they keep the frames in the same shot. Adkins shows some real athleticism and talent, I think. The plot is pretty overdone, prisoners fighting in an underground tournament, but the action more than makes up for it.

      • James

        Nice movie, cant wait to see Undisputed IV.

  • nick alberts

    awesome film! being a martial artist myself i have watched loads of fighting films, scot is by far one of the best and most tallented athletes i have seen. his fight scenes are action packed and executed to perfection! doesnt matter what the story line is, i would waych any film with him in it!! bring us undisputed 4 please !!!

  • Boyka

    Undisputed film is one of the best martial arts films! It would be like if they recorded and undisputed 4.Scott Adkins is a professional played Boyka.Film is great, keep it up !!!!!!

  • midou

    boyka boyka <3 <3 <3 the best ever

  • would like to see a movie where boyka fights legit cage fighting matches…no one can beet him in prison, now he must proof that his the best fighter everywhere…ufc or something…a lot of mma fighters would love to do a movie like that i think. so a cast with big names (like Brock Lesner, Randy Couture, Rampage Jackson, Chuck Liddel, GSP) wont be a problem.

  • Leso Jacobs

    I think that Scott brings a fresh face and moves to the dying art of REAL martial arts based movies… He needs to do a Part 4, but out of the prision system and this time make him an anti-hero who has to come around not to a greater good, but because of an every deeper hatered for whats going on on the scene… Let him be presude by someone and he go after that person, just because of shear aggrivation of them trying to recruit him for this tourniment that his friend is involved in…

  • jason bennett

    how about turbo has been killed in a tourny and boyka can only get to fight him by entering the year after

  • jason bennett

    the guy tht killed him tht is



  • TJ

    If there is gonna be a IV, pls bring back Jai White,Adkins, also get Tony Jaa in this big event, oh, don’t forget M.Jenkins, hopefully, Wesley Snipes would be back as well, let’s make it an all-star team like Fast Five, or The Expendables.

  • i think scott adkins is the best fighting actor i beg that you make a undisputed lV

  • Franeinstein

    Bring undisputed 4 plezzzzzzz

  • esta na hora de colocar o imbatível 4 no ar, num vejo a hora da luta começar….
    deveriam colocar Yuri Boyka pra lutar com um lutador que faz o mesmo tipo de luta que ele, seria uma luta surpreendente….
    Ah e não esqueça de colocar os americano do imbatível 3 para lutar com ele no imbatível 4.

  • Deepak K

    I have watched both undisputed 2 and 3 and they were just full of action. Scott Adkins is one of the best martial artists i have ever seen and the stunts and fight sequences have been shot to such realistic levels that it just keeps u glued to your seats. I am eagerly awaiting for the next sequel in this series and the next round of action packed fights.

  • scott adkins my favourite action hero. Heavy body and so flexible, really good stunts. eager to see undisputed 4.

  • Nikola

    Cant w8 for undisputed 4, there should be ofcourse Boyka, Turbo and Chambers as well, fighting in a worlds best 10 tournament…

  • jose

    i want to see boyka again. he is thes best fighter and his films was awesome

    Boyka rules!!!

  • Ben

    No question – BRING BACK BOYKA !!! Awesome MMA moves

  • plz come soon with undisputed 4….we r eager to watch 🙂

  • Michael

    Sorry but I don’t have a Facebook account.

    I would love to see an Undisputed 4. Undisputed 2 & 3 are two of the most entertaining films I’ve seen in the past decade. However, I’ll politely disagree with the other posts about turning it into a UFC showcase.

  • Sharky

    i want to see boyka(Sckott Atkins) in Undisputed 4 with neu figts and neu actiors!oww end don`t forget GaGa my favorite!

  • Dameon

    lol i wud really love for a undisputed 4 come out…
    Adkins is a boss as a actor!!!
    in both part 2 n 3 shows the raise n fall of Boyka…. n i like tht.
    they should have more undisputed with adkins starting.

  • deddy michael

    i’m very interest to watch SCOTT ADKINS VS TONY JAA in UNDISPUTED IV….

    I hope it wil be

  • anas

    Please do that )

  • mayur

    i want to see jay white vs scott again . i hope it will be. i think the jay white is powerful than scott . they must come again in undisputed 4.

  • PJ Italiano

    What dynamic energy Mr. Adkins brings to his movies. He is a beautiful man; and, his power resonates in his every move. I would like to see more of Mr. Adkins in starring roles.

  • ali

    hi.i see undisputed 3 more than 200 complete realy.i am ali from iran.i like martial art more than any body think.i hope will make undisputed 4 as soon as i think.i love scott because he can make his self the best brave boyka

  • karim

    boyka after his freedom of prison , it will be fantastic if he see george chamers the american boxer who broke his leg so he wants to kill him
    it will be very nice story if he will have meeting win iceman what do you think 🙂

  • AdrianJM

    We need an Undisputed IV and put turbo in the movie and bring Michael Jai white back.

  • Boyka vs Tony JAa

    Yuri Boyka against Tony Jaa!!!

    That’s could be the best movie of all times!!

  • raymond russell

    I love the undisputed films but 2 & 3 the most. I study shotokan karate but the moves Scott does are amazing to watch he is the man. Please please bring undisputed 4 out. be good if Tony Jaa or Jet li or the french guy off district 13 & kiss of the dragon would be cool

  • suryam

    am eager to see boyka undisputed 4. i am sure it will come

  • venkat

    i like boyka action i am a big fan of undisputed esp’ly 3

  • Samir chhetri

    Bring the undisputed 4!! I’am waiting this movie. The team of issac florintine, scott and larnell stovel will be great. They did awesome job in 2 n 3 they are best action movie.

  • Must be the fourth part of the undisputed and the director must be good at the best workmanship and should be a movie star Scott Adkins and thanked known ^boyka

  • Saad Fath Al-deen

    Mr Scott I’m your fan since 2010, and i follow your each news in IMDb, after I saw both parts of Undisputed 2,3.
    I like to add a simple 2 scenes which you can or might be able to create story for Undisputed 4. Which starts from how you got in prison in beginning of Undisputed 2, like you was introducing your self in part 3, with other characters and you say 1st degree murder. Your U4 can tell the audience that how and why did you get in to the jail. My other option is in ending of U3 you was ruining to the City, you might face any problem, but try to add with you few famous and rare characters like Ray Park, Cyril Raffaelli, W.snipes, but ignore actors which you have been filmed with before like j.c.wan damme. If I have any other option I might tell, and thanks for Mr Scott and for friends to read my opinion.

  • Tekken Fighter

    Just remember Undisputed movies always take place in prison.
    why not bring new strory for U4 with female fighter character in prison?
    I more like to see how woman fight like Undisputed 2 n 3 in prison arena.
    The story could begin with Boyka met that newcomer protagonis n teach her the secret of boyka martial art. After that she sent to jail for some reason, n she fight to the death in prison duel arena.

  • Jana

    U4 turned in france , with a female fight and boyka is the coach ;D

    • FuckJana

      Are you fucking stupid ?

  • Antonio

    it can be like this..

    at the end of U3 , when you ran in the city smiling..
    when you got in the city with money prize , you pay with that money your knee surgery , and do some fightings in the city..
    and you hear that there is some tournament where will be the best fighters in the world. You call your friend Turbo from U3 , and you go there together 😀

  • kyokushin

    show how boyka became the fighter that he is and how he ended up in jail.

  • Bianca

    antonio has right but with a female fight and boyka the coach.

    • bianca_is_coonty

      that would be gay and shitty like the girl karate kid movie. Don’t make this a stupid “girls can do it to movie”

  • Drew

    I think it would be cool showing Boyka as a raising star in either mma or kickboxing. Having him finally reach the pennicle of success by fighting a champion. However, during the movie show how he became the awesome fighter he is now. Show his past, how and who trained him (even showing clips from Undisputed 2 & 3 movies), but I think by doing this it would probably have to the final movie.

  • travis

    Definitely want to see an undisputed 4… i think that the second one has been the best one so far… need to bring michael back into it

  • moslem

    i love scott fight and i enjoy undesputed 2 and 3 too much and i hope see scott in a new undesputed,at last i am your fans and waiting for new sesson

  • Whats the song name ???

    • kmiller

      The song is called “Over and Under” by Egypt Central. Hope that helps!

  • Come On Guys We Need To Spread This All Over Facebook On The Main i Mean This Website….. Other Guys/Gals Out There.

  • joel charles

    i really hope they make the movie.. now that boyka is free, he should enter a professional fighting competition.. i wish they bring back michael jai white as george “iceman” chambers for a rematch..

  • rahul

    I am ready

  • Iluvboyka


  • kmiller

    Don’t worry, Scott Adkins has said he’s gonna do another Undisputed film. The only problem is that he can’t start filming til next year, but better late than never.

  • joe

    does anyone know when this will actually be out? love these films scott adkins is a beast!!!!!!!!!

  • kmiller

    There has not been a set date yet. Scott Adkins did write this on his facebook page “For those asking about Undisputed IV, it’s coming hopefully but we cannot shoot it until 2013 at least so that means 2014 release, sorry about that.”

    I wrote about it for my article on March 25th, which can be found here:

  • jeffrey

    Yes I watched several martial arts but Scot Adkins the best, i repeatedly watch all his undisputeds

  • matthew

    i want to see a rematch with boyka and george chambers this time it should be in a public ring like boyka looking george chambers lol

  • Sanjar

    when will we watch Undisputed 4?

  • pouria

    Hey Scott , you know that millions of your fans are waiting for another fascinating series of undisputed , you know . But I want to ask him to make the film last a bit longer .All of them are at most 1 hour & half .So we will all appreciate you if you grant this wish . Thanks Scott Adkins . GOOD KNEE , BAD KNEE , NO KNEE , YOU ARE STILL THE BEST FIGHTER IN THE WORLD .

  • kmiller

    Undisputed 4 hasn’t even started filming, and realistically speaking, we probably won’t even see it until 2014. While this sucks, it also means Scott is getting more job offers, so that gives writers time to make Undisputed 4 great.

  • SufiaN

    The Undisputed Series is Great… I’m hoping that they make another one soon.. and of course, it should be based on boyka , coz hes STILL THE BEST FIGHTER IN THE WORLD…
    Scott Adkins’s Fan From Pakistan 🙂

  • Jitendra

    Pls make undisputed 4 i am waiting for this movie after i see third part in 2011

  • Christian

    i Love all the movies form Undisputed series but i don’t understand wshy on the poster it’s written 2011? maybe i have a problem or something but…the title is udisputed 4 and down,the year is 2011 ,am i the only one who saw that?

  • Zbigniew Komosi?ski

    I love in Uri Boyka ( Scott Adkins )
    I love I love in Undisputed 3!
    Undisputed 4 please

  • Stan

    I love undisputed movies can you guys pls,do part 4

  • Yunus

    If the movie should come then it should definitly be about his past.. How he grow up and became Yuri Boyka! That would definetly be awesome!!!

  • Mef

    Undisputed 4 FTW !!! I LOVE to watch it at least 1 a week ^^ epic ! pls make 4,5….. 🙂

  • ive see scott go one on one with dolp lungren and jason statham and a big one with stallone but in the real world we know scott would win the 3 put together but in the movie world well he doesent have a chance we need yuri boyka back………..

  • mac

    If you want to see an up coming move with Scott in it he will be in the up coming Expendable 2.

  • Paul

    Hi Scott u are the best action star out there, when u do make another undisputed film I would like to see u go against donnie yenn and the girl from raging phoenix with tubo and George iceman chambers


    Adkins vs Jai white. Remacth undisputed 4, force to fighi in a turnament by set ups showing some of their past.

  • wellenrausch

    I’m really happy about the new part of the greatest martial art series. My opinion is, the characters should have more individual motivation, rather than rage and revenge. Of course action sequences give the most movement but I’m really interested in the premises, I mean the antecedents of the hero. Why can he be cruel and helpful at the same time? The next part could be maybe about homecoming and past. As I can remember, Boyka got into the prison because of wilful murder, as he tried to protect his sister from the husband. I don’t know exactly.

  • atruefan

    Hey scott I see you get this alot but im truly a big fan, you inspired me to take martial arts and im succeding in it as well and also working out five days a week, i would like to train with you,cause ive seen your work out videos and I do the same things, anyway I hope a nother undisputed comes out I watch the old ones sometimes to get warmed up before my work outs lol and ive beein dying to say this but you would whoop turbos ass and anyone else who stands in your way, good job on the movies and keep up the awesome training, maybe one day we will fight 🙂

  • mir

    “I am the most complete fighter in the world!”

    That line really sticks with you, long after you’ve watched the movie. I definitely want to see a rematch with boyka and chambers. And throw in Turbo and many types of fighters as well…

  • WhiteWolf

    i want the undisputed 4!

    • kmillertheaddict

      Don’t worry, it is coming, just not for a bit. They said filming should start next year, so we might see it late next year or early 2014.


    I want it too!! 🙁 MAKE IT!!!

  • justafriend

    Hey the story line from Undisputed 1, 2 and 3 was very nice. Fight scene was great. Do we need to show da world Boyka is da Convict Master Martial Artist . Or do we need to show him as a Common man fighting for da rights to be da So-Called World Greatest Fighter

  • gis

    i love it that’s how we grow up in europe tough streets…..
    i fully support the next undisputed with scoot adkins he’s real and the perfect choice for the movie

  • i cant wait until undisputed 4 get ready…well the thing is that the expendables 2 have uri boyka as an enemy so i dont like the movie so much….me need uri boyka and of course scott to get back with an obliously another surpising film like undispoted 2 and 3….

    • Aiden

      I agree about the expendables 2 that he is an enemy!! SO SAD 🙁

  • mrs

    cand apare boika 4

  • Vamage1010

    i agree with a lot of people on this (when) Undisputed 4 comes out it should have how he got all of his skill and his fighting style an how he got into prison and all 🙂 love ya scott adkins massive fan

  • navneet

    in 4rth part show that he find that american boxer and beat him.

  • ragna

    I love u BOYKA !! I loved the line of gaga injured knee,broken knee,no knee boyka is still the best

  • James

    Cant wait to see Undisputed IV. Hope it hits the theater very soon.

  • Seroga

    All know that there is children beside Turbo and he became to work at Gagu! Boyko in city spends the money on operations and on apartment. can much certainly version to do but odes of them: !1) That you has a son, mother go away with Russia from for mafias from for which you has got there possible ( that Mafioso liked your girl and he has sent to with you liquidate but you protecting its girlfriend began fight with them and has killed you charge and put in prison but she begin hide from mafia or you than that has salted the large people but you put in prison and they your maiden want to withdrew itself) Boyko blue too not with weak he protecting often mother and helping her! And Boyko talk that you has blue and he get acquainted with them but he get acquainted for a while their steal and Turbo children have too stolen and all to you participation in tournament where best fighters in the world.

    2)Boyko in debts . you Uchastvuesh in tournament amongst the best fighters Boyko meets there Turbo beside he turn out to be have stolen children and have forced participation in turnire!mozhno much create !!!

  • umar khan

    boyka you are my best best best fighter.i am waiting for ur next film undisputed IV.

  • umar khan

    yuori boyka u r my best should make undisputed IV.i am waiting

  • ObongoSUXbuttFingers

    Do not make Boyka too broken down to fight or make him just a coach for other fighters as some have suggested. Do not make an undisputed 4 about boyka’s kid or some girl fighter he trains. Boyka (outta jail) should enter some badass underground fighting tournament to prove he is still the most complete fighter in the world not just of prison using his title “king of prison fighters” as entry. Perhaps Dolar is outta prison also with a healed leg for a rematch at the end as a bonus kinda thing. If an undisputed 4 movie is to be made. . .

    1.) Boyka must be the star/fighter. (kickboxer sucked w/o Vandamme+ tommy gunn sucked in rocky)

    2.) Boyka must win in the end. (rocky sucked when he lost)

    3.) Gaga should be involved at some point and in some way. (rocky was better w/ mick)

    4.) It would be nice if Boyka remains out of prison to fight once. (prison is kinda tired & it restricts creativity in the movie he can always go back in later.)

    5.) Some Boyka background flashbacks are encouraged.

    6.) Boyka shouldn’t be fighting crime or saving a town like a lame ass steve seagal movie.

    7.) Boyka can make an appearance on American soil but be wary of him living there. (crocodile dundee kicking ass in new york was cool, dundee in los angeles sucked)

    8.) If a hot chick is to be in the movie, she must be undeniably hot. No half way good looking girl or skanky-chic, kinda dirty chick. Skanky, stripper, dirty chicks can be in background though.

    9.) Do not have a stupid, token comic-relief-only sidekick character.

    10.) Always leave an opening for another sequel.

    • melosh

      i like ur idea bro,,check out my idea on how the 4 should go…

    • MasterMike

      You are definitely right about everything you’ve said.Those key points must be considered and incorporated…

  • darsnider

    we still need an answer to the question who is better chambers or boyka, we need a great story but definitely we need to see that match after all chambers is the only man walking around with a w against boyka, and ima fan of both so i want to see an epic no holds barred grudge match cause we both know both are beasts

  • mik

    i think i think the next one should be abt the black guy turbo and his next story


    here’s one that I’ve been planning to for a long time , you get back to the city and get a knee surgery and save some money to open a small dojo (since boyka is a free man) and turbo went with gaga , turbo sees his wife and children and starts training and working to support them and during this period he tells his wife about how good boyka was and how he helped him and he shows her a picture of boyka , one day turbo is out with his children and wife and they get attacked by three underground dirty mma fighters (one of them is a strong guy a champ) and turbo kicks their asses except the last one he kills turbo .. so news gets to boyka and he gets into a series of underground fights to find that guy and deal with him !

    • melosh

      your idea is not baad at all bro,,its very similar to mine..check out my idea on how it should be..

    • Aiden

      I agree but I think it would be better if Turbo was trying to fight the champ then Boyka sees him and the champ get frightened away and then boyka deals with him in the fight

  • melosh

    this is my version of undisputed 4..boyka comes out of jail..tries to start a normal life..but realizes that he was made for prison and he really misses to he goes to a local gym to train..and beats a couple of tough guys and a trainer at the gym sees him and tells him he can get him into a mma tournament in usa…boyka sais he will think about it..he goes home..thinks abt it and has memories of all his previous fights and get some motivation from those memories..comes back the next day to the gym and agrees to sign on for the tournament..boyka steps to america all confused of how civilization has proceeded and tries adapt..start training in a gym one night alone and from the shadow of the gym comes out Chambers from undisputed 2..and says to boyka “i wouldent want to fight u now,but u can still work on ur punches and i can help u with that” he comes out of the corner.and boyka a little surprised at the voice he just heard and turns round and sees chambers..chamber and boyka become friends and they train together for the tournament..boyka also get a good surgery and fixes his leg since he had a full briefcase of cash at the end of part 3..let me know what u think abt this guys.

    • Aiden

      I agree with the whole thing but I disliked that you didn’t let Turbo in the story and I think it would be better if chambers and Boyka start to fight in the gym and then they end in a different type of jail and that Turbo can help Boyka fight him again

    • MasterMike

      That’s a great story to me,I love it…Or have Scott start his own school with the money he left prison with,and other Martial artists invade his gym to challenge him.But not just MMA fighters,fighters of different martial arts disiplines and backgounds.Then and only then could Boyka prove he’s the most superior fighter in the world.And yes an appearance by Michael Jai White kicking butt together with Scott Adkins will make a Martial Arts classic,I like your scenario better though.Either way a hit movie.

      • MasterMike

        And also let turbo come in at some point and help him with the law,being a federal agent in all or some sort.Also give him more fight scenes.That’ll be great…

    • Adytzw B??

      Ilove your story
      good job m’a man 😉

    • Steven L. Harding

      I actually like that bro. Word, that will cool man. Good idea bro I like it.

  • bodo

    vreau filmul

  • mike lewis

    scott adkins is simply incredible. period

  • boyka

    it can be like this: Boyka is free man and he founds Chambers in the city and than they will fight in the final of tournament and Boyka will win like revenge

  • steve4

    “boyka” great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    yes i thought too with chambers and boyka

  • Martoy

    They kidnap your girlfriend and the kidnap Turbos children and make you fight if you want them to be free 🙂

  • KIKX

    Listen to me only the stupid wont agree with this,the story will be good i suposse it never was bad in any of the parts but Undisputed IV needs Michael Jai White BACK because if he is in the movie and also Turbo man that would be 3 KILLING MACHINES out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!Also things will start to heat up on the positive side more action more views for the movie and more tension.Bring all 3 of them in the movie and EXPLOSION 😉

  • tommy

    since the end of u3, the warden is killed and boyka is outta prison, boyka could be wanted by the authories, hitman and assassins chasing after him around europe.