It’s been a while since we’ve heard about the Viral Factor, but here are a few images to help with the wait.

While I’m not too sure how much has been spoken about the plot, I did find out that Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse will be playing brothers in this film. The two have very different backgrounds and live very different lives, with one becoming an officer while the other becomes a criminal. While it’s not entirely original, it will probably help add depth to the characters if it is used correctly.

Director Dante Lam explained the dynamic like this:

“I feel that life has many adversities that we have no way of escaping.  Every time facing the adversity is a war, so THE VIRAL FACTOR can be understood as the battle against the tides.  It is happening everyday.  As long as you persist and never give up, you have hope and a chance to turn it around.”

I’m still really eager to see a trailer, and I’m hoping there will be more fighting than the teaser led us to believe. The Viral Factor is set to release next year for Chinese New Years.


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