Everyone I know is ready for the Raid to come out, and Gareth Evans is making sure everyone is talking about the release. Starting last Friday, he will be releasing BTS footage every week until the release on March 23rd.

These posts will be found on Gareth’s blog, and I’m debating what to do for the site here. I typically do reviews on Fri, so I may do a double post for the next six weeks. (You guys wouldn’t mind, would you?)


The first video covers the training the Merantau team went through to accurately portray a team of elite opeartives:

The Raid: Production Blog #1 – Bootcamp and Choreography from Merantau Films on Vimeo.

I think this is really a great idea to get the general public excited about the Raid. Hopefully, it will get enough exposure to get people really talking and make them want to see what the fuss is all about. Pair this with Mike Shinoda’s involvement, and a pretty wide net has been cast for the film.

I know the movie will be amazing and the word of mouth is good; the only concern now is simply seeing how many theaters show it. If all of the pieces are laid out properly, the Raid may prove to be an unstoppable force that will take many by surprise.


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  1. nirmala on February 20, 2012

    Maybe it’s about time for everyone who is eager to see The Raid to start calling the nearest cinemas and making sure those cinemas have The Raid as their upcoming movies.

    • kmiller Author on February 21, 2012

      I totally agree with you. The more views the Raid gets, the more support martial arts movies in general can benefit. It’s definitely worth a call to see if any nearby cinemas are planning on showing it.

  2. Danis on February 22, 2012

    Second Production Blog release by beyondhollywood

    promotion strategy looks like when they release Clips in different site