It’s getting harder and harder to find action movies that have convincing fights in them. Most of the time, trick cuts and edits are used to hide an actor’s lack of skill. Sadly, this seems to have become a standard of sorts, and fight sequences are now riddled with fast edits that hide action instead of letting the audience enjoy the beauty of a fight.

Thankfully, there are people out there that feel the same way, and they want to make a difference. Enter Unlucky Stars, a film that takes pride in its strong choreography and action as well as fun characters. You may also recognize the title as a reference to an old Golden Harvest movie, and those with a keen eye for detail will see several homages throughout the film.

Of course, nothing is possible without the right people, and there are a TON of talented people working on this film. These people love the industry, and put everything they had into the project. The cast includes Dennis Ruel, Ken Quitugua, Sari Sabella, Jose Montesinos, Roy Chen, Edward Kahana, Giovannie Espiritu, Steven Yu, Vladislav Rimburg, Sam Hargrave, Emmanuel Manzanares, and Shawn Bernal.

I’d love to go in-depth as to how each of these people are awesome, but I’ll just let the trailer speak for itself.

Unlucky Stars Official Teaser Trailer

The choreography was done by Vlad, and hopefully you guys have seen his work before. Some of his more recent fights include Part 1 Chapter C, and Yo Soy Un Hombre Loco. If you’re looking for awesome choreography and gritty realism, Vlad is your man.

However, like any other indie project, it’s difficult to find funding for such an ambitious film. This is where the second part of the article comes in, which is the Indie Gogo Fundraiser project. You can choose your donation amount, and different amounts will net different rewards. For example, 20 bucks will get supporters a special edition DVD while 50 will also get them a signed poster.

There are too many times where viewers simply complain about the industry and where it is heading, but very few where we can make an impact. These guys are doing what they love, and need our support to see the project through. If you love martial arts films, show your support! If things go well enough, they can even use the attention to make bigger and better projects in the future.

Also, here is a more behind the scenes look at what has gone into the film, and how you can help finish it:

Unlucky Stars BTS

If you want, you can read even more about Unlucky Stars from their website, which can be found here.

Help make a difference and show your love for the art form we all appreciate.

Make your donation to Unlucky Stars here!


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