It’s been a bit since I’ve covered what’s been going on between Donnie Yen and Vincent Zhao, so let’s get back into it!

A few days ago, Vincent Zhao came out and stated that there were several factors that led to his departure from the Special Identity. He claims that major script changes were made without his consent, diminishing his role into simply a supporting role for Donnie. He also states that Donnie frequently argued with the director and that he suggest the script changes himself.

When the rumors of the Vincent’s negative work ethics came into the public eye, Zhao claims that Donnie did not sign off on the document, keeping it from being released.Vincent goes on to say that the is standing up for himself because he is tired of people afraid of being blacklisted because they speak up. He says that it takes a tremendous amount of courage, and the he doesn’t care if he never works again, he simply wants the truth to be out there.

Of course, Donnie’s camp wouldn’t simply sit there and let Zhao talk negatively of Yen. Donnie’s assistant claims that Yen is adamant about the fact the he didn’t pull strings behind the scenes. However, the accusations have led angry fans to Donnie’s blog, leaving mean-spirited messages and angry threats, freezing his account. Donnie has stated that he has every right to take legal action if he sees fit.

It’s kinda sad to see these two stars go after one another like this. While I can’t pin the blame on one person, it’s the fans that will miss out the most. Donnie has said that he isn’t against working with Zhao, though I don’t see that becoming¬† a reality. Too bad these two couldn’t save their exchanges for the film.

To help ligthen the mood, here is a picture of Donnie Yen with Keanu Reeves at Power of Film Gala charity event.

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