While not as crazy as last week, there have been quite a few interesting bits of info circling around the internet. Let’s start with some good and bad news about Ip Man 3. According to the producer of the film, Wilson Yip will be directing and will be choosing who will play the role of Bruce Lee as well. The article states that Donnie Yen will play Ip once more and that the story will focus on the master/student relationship between the two.

Oh, and the bad news? It’s going to be filmed in 3D. I’m not big on the whole 3D thing, there’s only been 1 movie I’ve even seen in 3D. A lot of directors have tried a 3D martial arts film, and it hasn’t worked. I’d rather them focus on the story and end the story right instead of simply making it a spectacle.

Moving on to another film, but continuing with news about Ip Man, it has been revealed that the release date for the Grandmasters will be announced on April 18th.

Let me clarify: we have an announcement for an announcement. While this would not really be a big deal for any other film, even having a vague idea of when we can see this movie is a step in the right direction. Maybe now we can get some more footage instead of the same trailer over and over.

Lastly, I some press images have been released for Tai Chi 0. I thought about updating my old post, but I figured it may get glossed over. So, here are the images that were released.


Also, I’ll repost the teaser trailer in case you guys missed my previous update.

Tai Chi 0 Teaser


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  1. xino on April 5, 2012

    good stuff!

    Don’t care about Ip Man 3 sadly:/

    Grandmasters release date will be announced April? time is running out man and we wanna watch the damn movie!

    And I saw Taichio trailer, not impressed:/

  2. kmiller Author on April 5, 2012

    Yeah, people have been waiting forever for Grandmasters to come out. A release date would be wonderful, haha. I like the Ip Man franchise, but I really don’t want to see it in 3D. I feel like it’s going to ruin the tone of the film and make it gimmicky.

    As for Tai Chi 0, I think it looks pretty sweet if they are able to find their own identity. It give Sammo some freedom with the choreo, but only if the styles are mixed well. Otherwise, this movie can be a mess too.