The RZA has been working on a project known as the Man with the Iron Fists. He wrote the script along with Eli Roth, who is serving as a producer of the film along with Quentin Tarentino. The RZA will be playing the lead role, but has a plethora of supporting members including Gordon Liu, Leung Kar-yen, Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Daniel Wu, Celina Jade, and Rick Yune (just to name a few.)

The choreography for the film will be done by Corey Yuen, while Marrese Crump and Ian Powers will be providing the doubling work in the film. It seems like the RZA has all the cards in his hand, but I can’t help but feel a little worried about the film. Of course, that’s probably more of a personal thing than anything else.

Those of you that have been around me know that I don’t like the RZA, but I’m also aware that there are fans of his work. I can’t say that I’m excited for the project, but I’m eager to see if I’m proven wrong. I have no problem with admitting being wrong if the trailer blows me away, and I haven’t seen any images or footage from the film. While having a strong cast and choreographer is a great start, it all depends on the vision of the team and where they go.

I’ll keep you guys posted on any new info I find.

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  1. xino on April 11, 2012

    I have a BAD feeling about this, him as the lead?
    somehow I have a feeling it’ll end up like Forbiden Kingdom.
    you know good martail artist being the co-stars while the lead character can’t fight for sh*.

    But I won’t judge yet, the fight is done by Corey Yuen which should be sick. His best work was Fist of Legend!

  2. kmiller Author on April 11, 2012

    I’m worried about the film as well, but sometimes it’s better to have something exceed your expectations rather then fall below them.

    I liked Corey Yuen’s work in Shaolin, but I think Yuen Woo-Ping did Fist of Legend. It depends on how the director sees things too, though.

  3. xino on April 11, 2012

    oh ok…you seem to be correcting me about my martial arts knowledge lately, thanks. before I used to know them and surprising you.

    yea you’re right, it was Corey Yun that did Blood Last Vampire and Jet Li The Defender

  4. kmiller Author on April 11, 2012

    Haha, it’s no problem. I’m sure that you’ll correct me on some facts later on, just like you used to. I appreciate all the feedback and comments as well.