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Some people know Jay Chou for his martial arts skills, others for his career in the music industry. Turns out, Chou has found a way to satisfy both types of fans with his new film the Rooftop.

Very few details have been revealed for the film, besides the fact that Chou will be directing and that Wang Xueqi has been cast in a role as well.

The Rooftop Trailer

I’m not a huge fan of Chou musically, but this movie looks like it can be the perfect blend of action, music, and comedy. It may be too goofy for some, but I think it shows another side of Chou besides the “cool” character we see so often. I’m guessing there will be an equal amount of music and action, but I’m hoping there isn’t too much cheesy music to detract from the film.

The film is scheduled to release in March, so I’ll be filling you guys in with more details as I obtain them.

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  1. PJ Italiano on December 30, 2012

    You guys see how seductive and provocative this trailer is?

    • Xino on December 30, 2012

      i don’t see anything?
      care to point them out?

  2. Xino on December 30, 2012

    mixture of Gease+Indian movie music+High School Musical+Martial Arts.

    this doesn’t interest me, but it’s a nice change.
    At least it would draw women who dislike martial arts into this.

    spices things up

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