Some new images have popped up from Donnie Yen’s Iceman Cometh remake. Strange thing is, they channel a little bit of New Police Story (or Police Story 2) at the same time.

Iceman Yen

Iceman Yen 3

Of course, you can also see Donnie eating food with someone…wearing a horse mask?

Iceman Yen 2

Before everyone gets all up in arms, there is a very good chance that the bus sequence is just a snapshot of one part. It could be Yen jumping onto the bus for a split second, and the wires are there for safety. Plus, the character doesn’t know how to ride a bus, so maybe he’s just hitching a ride like a giant horse.

Then again, they might parody JC’s stunt (and I hope they do it in a good manner if they do.) Either way, I’m curious how this movie will turn out.

Seriously, though, a horse mask?

HUGE thanks to reader Danny Ho for bringing this to my attention. I appreciate it!


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  1. Xino on February 8, 2013

    lol..bloody wires.

    i wonder how good the original movie was:/

    • Tony on February 8, 2013

      Pretty sure they were there for safety. Donnie is not a stuntman like Jackie and all those Peking Opera performers.