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I’ve got some good news and bad news for fans of Scott Adkins. Firstly, it appears as though the film Distant Shores, the one with Randy Courture, will not be going ahead as planned. While details are still scarce, I can tell you that it had to do with the financing of the film. Personally, I’m not too worried about the film since there are so many projects that Adkins is working on. I’m sure that we’ll hear something new from him soon.

However, in order to make some of you feel better, I’ve also found some new images for Ninja 2, which recently wrapped.

Ninja 2 c

Ninja 2 b

Ninja 2 a

Ninja 2

What? Still not happy? Well, how about learning that Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon is being scored right now and will have a 3D screening in May at the Cannes Film Market? Like I said, Adkins is always hard at work, and the news of 1 film being cancelled won’t take the wind out of my sails.


I’ll keep you guys posted as I learn more, but rest assured that there is plenty more with Scott Adkins to come!

Source: Scott Adkins Fanz

(Special thanks to webowner Nik for his response on the matter!)


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