It’s been a while since Jackie has graced the big screen in the US, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be happening. It also doesn’t mean he’s tired of the same framework, if Skiptrace is anything to go by. Skiptrace was thought up by Jackie, but will be written by Jay Longino. The director will be Sam Fell, who has directed films like Paranorman and Flushed Away. In fact, it’s his first live-action film. So, what’s the movie about? Check out the press release:


┬áThe action comedy follows a Hong Kong detective (Chan) who is tasked with tracking down a mouthy American gambler on the run from his creditors. The men form an unlikely partnership and attempt to take down Hong Kong’s most notorious criminal, while embarking on a wild journey through some of China’s most scenic and exotic locales.


A mouthy American….huh? Sounds like we’ve seen this kind of movie already. Regardless of the premise, Fan Bingbing has been added to the cast, though the main star is yet to be announced. I’m kinda bummed about this idea because Jackie is capable of so much more, and the Karate Kid proved that.

Hopefully we will hear more about the film later in the year, and I’ll save my skepticism until then.



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