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I don’t know how people feel about Jay Chou’s film The Rooftop, but I think that it looks promising. It’s a creative blend of music and marital arts, which plays to both types of Chou’s fans. The film looks like it is getting a lot of buzz, as it will be the closing film for the New York Asian Film Festival.

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The film will be released in China on July 11th, so we don’t have to wait much longer to see what people think about it, either.

Chou Rooftop 1

Moving on to other news, people have been wondering when the sequel to Journey to the West will happen and if Stephen Chow will be in it. Right now, it seems like Chow wants to focus on his directing and not acting, even though there have been rumors that he would play Piggy in the sequel.

Chow West 2

Chow hasn’t confirmed anything, but he hasn’t denied anything either. All we know is that the sequel will take place in a kingdom of women. Piggy will then fight Venerable Tang Monk, but nothing else is known. This would beĀ  a great cameo for Chow since he could fight and be comedic, but that’s only a dream right now.

Chow West 1Both the Rooftop and Journey to the West are very different, but I’m curious to know what you guys think. Which one are you more curious about?

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