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Donnie Yen swore that he won’t do a sequel to the Monkey King. The entire process was painful for him, and he said that it’s something that he doesn’t want to ever experience again. Yet, Filmko’s chief Alex Wong has stated that he’s in fact considering a sequel to the film.

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“I do indeed plan to do a sequel, but for the time being the main focus is on the box office performance of the current movie…We will announce details about when we will shoot or who will play in it when there is progress.” 

Now, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. The movie is a smash hit, and of course everyone wants to cash in on it. The sequel’s plot is being closely guarded, but it appears to already have Huang Xiaoming locked in for the role of Piggy.

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My big question is how can you do a sequel with no Monkey King? Is there anything that can convince Donnie to jump back into the makeup chair, or does there need to be a new king? Also, will people want to see another film, with or without Donnie?

I guess we’ll find out in the weeks to come.

Source: City on Fire

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  1. good movie lover on February 22, 2014

    i dont think its so much about donnie but about all the participants what about jackie and jet lee???? the movie was outragously good