It’s going to be a busy few months for Jackie Chan. Not only is he currently filming Dragon Blade with Mel Gibson, but he’s slated to work on a couple other projects as well. Now, we can add another movie to that to-do list. Jackie will be starring in Civilian, a film where he is a salesman who finds himself in the middle of a terror attack at an arms convention.

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Before you start to speculate on how dark and gritty this tale might be, I want to point out that the director of the film is Peter Segal, who also did Get Smart and Grudge Match. While there might be some dramatic moments in the film, I’m guessing it will go for a lighter tone, especially when compared to Jackie’s recent Police Story 2013.

Filming will start early next year in Johannesburg, South Africa, so don’t expect a ton of details quite yet. That being said, you know that I’ll let you know any information I find in regards to this as well as Jackie’s other projects.

Source: Variety

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  • jimboireland

    thought jackie chan had finished making films this is good news.