We’ve all seen plenty of Monkey King adaptations, but how about the idea of him having a daughter? Well, it looks like that concept is about to become a reality. The film will be a partnership between ANAMedia and LV Jianmen’s Chunqiu Time Culture Company and is based on a book series that was created by T. A. DeBonis.

Monkey King's Daughter

For those of you that are curious, the film will follow a young girl named Meilin who is a typical high school student with very little interest in her father’s Chinese heritage. As it goes with most stories, things change when she turns 16 and is able to travel into magical realms of the past to battle demons from ancient China. Her father, the Monkey King, joins forces with her to save her mother and friends from a cruel death.

Hm, sounds equal parts interesting and dangerous, if you ask me. I’m going to guess that they will be targeting the younger teen audience with this story. If done well, it could help solidify a new young female talent in the martial arts industry, which is always welcome.

The cast has not been announced yet, but filming will begin in both Canada and China at the end of this year. I know that I’m tired of remakes, but maybe adding something different (like the Monkey King having a daughter) is enough to mix things up a bit and keep it fresh.

Source: Impact Online

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