Skiptrace New Date 1

Anybody remember Skiptrace? It was supposed to come out last December, but it mysteriously vanished right before its holiday release. Well, it looks like we finally have a date for the film…again.

Skiptrace is now scheduled to release on July 22nd, and here’s a new Chinese trailer to prove it.

Skiptrace Trailer

Also, here are some new images with the release date as well.

Skiptrace New Date 2

Skiptrace New Date 3

Skiptrace New Date 4

Skiptrace New Date 5

I’m still curious as to why the movie was randomly postponed, but I guess “better late than never” is the phrase here. Hopefully we get a US release date soon so we can count down the days until we can finally see what Skiptrace is all about.

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